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Delicious Healthy Alternatives To Classic Holiday Dishes!

By Nikkia Rivera
In Community
Nov 25th, 2015

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With Thanksgiving upon us, healthy eating can be a challenge. But, there are plenty of ways to create a healthy Thanksgiving meal without giving up your favorite dishes. So, prepare your ingredients, light your stovetops, and give thanks to these seven healthy recipes of your favorite holiday classics.

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast


This classic roast is perfect for beginners. Using only the breast, this turkey is sauteed in a flavorful mix of herbs and spices and roasted in white wine. The herbs and spices add the much needed flavor to the turkey, while the wine keeps it moist as it roasts. Find the recipe here.

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


A Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without the mashed potatoes. This recipe takes a clever twist on the favorite dish, switching out the potatoes for cauliflower. Mixed with cream cheese and parmesan, this creamy mash will have people cleaning off their plates. Find the recipe here

Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash


This amazing three-step recipe is quick, simple, and delicious. Aside from the buttersquash, all the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen pantry. This dish makes the perfect side to any dinner. Find the recipe here

Butter-Free Rosemary Roasted Mushrooms


Mushrooms can be scary. But, when cooked right, mushrooms can be a wonderfully flavorful side dish. This recipe replaces butter and utilizes the fresh taste of rosemary. And with a total of 25 minutes of cooking time, these mushrooms are a must have. Find the recipe here

Honey Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins


These muffins put a twist on the traditional cornbread. The pumpkin keeps the muffins moist while the honey adds some sweetness, which will keep everyone at your dining table begging for more. Find the recipe here.

Baked Sweet Potato


For Thanksgiving pros looking for a bit of a challenge, this recipe takes the usual twice baked potato and switches it with sweet potatoes. This recipe is a delicious take on the original, and will delight everyone at the table. Find the recipe here


Grandma’s Apple Pie

This recipe is another great alternative to the classic apple pie. Using unsalted butter and brown sugar, no one will even realize the healthier ingredients. Find the recipe here.


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