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Burlington Hiring Over 100 People For Gateway Store – Job Fair & Interviews

By EastBrooklyn Staff
In Bed-Stuy
Jun 24th, 2014

Yes, Burlington Coat Factory is coming to the Gateway Center Mall in East New York.  East New York Restoration LDC and Man Up! Inc. are partnering with Workforce 1 to get over 100 people hired immediately.

All job fair participants are required to complete the online application for Burlington Coat Factory before the Job Fair.  Interviews will be done on site!

Burlington pic for EBPlease go to to access the application through the JOB SEARCH section of the site.  Be sure to complete the entire application process and then forward your confirmation page to Melinda Perkins of East New York Restoration LDC, at  with your full name and phone number.

If you have any questions, please contact Melinda Perkins at 718-676-5920 or Minyarn Johnson at 718-498-2320.


3 Responses to “Burlington Hiring Over 100 People For Gateway Store – Job Fair & Interviews”

  1. I am applying for the job with Burlington.

  2. Melvin Irby says:

    I am now coming out of High School. My only experience with working is with SYEP and a little volunteering at a Day Care Center. I would like an entry level job (any job)just to get my feel into the job market. Can someone help me out?