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Bill de Blasio Goes To BRC in Brownsville To Announce End To Stop and Frisk Policy

By eastnyjournalist
In Brownsville
Feb 4th, 2014

De Blasio at BRCAfter a long and detrimental battle with the Stop and Frisk Policy, Mayor Bill De Blasio reached an argument about making changes to the policy recently at Brownsville Recreational Center.

De Blasio announced he will oversee the policy to end discrimination towards minorities. De Blasio states that the reforms will not increase the crime rate. The policy has allowed the police to harass anyone if they suspect them committing a crime.

“This is a defining moment in our history,” de Blasio said. “It’s a defining moment for millions of our families, especially those with young men of color. And it will lay the foundation for not only keeping us the safest big city in America, but making us safer still. This will be one city, where everyone’s rights are respected, and where police and community stand together to confront violence.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, U.S. District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin expressed her views about the Stop and Frisk Policy. Scheindlin says the police eyes are blind when they are proactively stopping Blacks and Latinos residents.

“The goal of deterring crime is laudable, but this method of doing so is unconstitutional. Noting that in 98.5% of 2.3 million frisks “no weapon was found” and that blacks were 30% more likely than whites to get arrested for the same suspected crime,” said Scheindlin.

De Blasio says the reforms will help the community because he says it will make everyone safer and improve the police’s relations with the community. He is convinced that the partnership is there and it can be done.

“Today is the beginning of a long-overdue process: the reform of the NYPD to end illegal and racially discriminatory policing,” Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vincent Warren told reporters. “We are glad to have reached an agreement with the city and commend Mayor de Blasio for promising to drop the appeal and embracing reform.”

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