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Are you an Animal Lover? The new Petco at Gateway Center is Looking for You!

By EastBrooklyn Staff
In Bed-Stuy
May 1st, 2014

Animal Lovers across East Brooklyn, here is your opportunity to work in a field that you love – Petco is opening their new location at the Gateway Center Mall in East New York and they are in the process of recruiting for various positions within their store.  If you have experience in animal care or have always had a love for animals, Petco is looking for you.

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Contact East New York Restoration LDC for more information @ 718-676-5920.

All potential candidates are pre-screened by East New York Restoration LDC and the Gateway Job Development Center prior to being referred.  This is in addition to the Petco Application process as well as any further screening required by Petco companies.

2 Responses to “Are you an Animal Lover? The new Petco at Gateway Center is Looking for You!”

  1. Amanda Santiago says:

    Would like to apply to Petco.

  2. Stephanie Lebron says:

    I Absolute Adoreeeee Animals . I have started from owning a Goldfish to hamster to a guinea pig to Having a Dog . I still have my Dog Today . I love helping animals keeping them clean and playing with them . It’s a Dream come true to work with animals and helping them find a Owner that would Care for them . :)