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A Family Legacy

By EastBrooklyn Staff
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Feb 12th, 2014

The Salahuddins have had a long history of community service and mentoring in East New York.  This commitment to community empowerment started with Mr. Richard Akbar Salahuddin also known as Brother Rich.

Richard Salaahuddin

Mr. Salahuddin served on Community Board #5 and was very vocal about the changes that he wanted for his community with a strong emphasis on assistance for the senior population of East New York.  Salahuddin also took on the battle for African American veterans to receive full benefits from government entities for their service to the country. 

He was also responsible for corralling the residents of Williams Avenue to form a Block Association.  The Williams Avenue Block Association worked diligently to ensure quality of life and longevity for residents who occupied apartments on the Williams Avenue strip in East New York.   Brother Rich had many battles that he fought no matter how big or small, with briefcase in hand, he was there to help. In 2009 the honorable Richard Akbar-Salahuddin passed on but the torch was passed on.

The Salahuddin legacy lives on and is now led by his children who are community leaders and strive to continue what he started. Rahim Salahuddin who is Executive Director of Kwatny Foundation/Warriors Football, said that his father always told him and his 5 siblings they were giants and his philosophy of “each one teach one” remained with them as they became adults.  Another one of his children Jamilah Salahuddin, a NYC Department f Education teacher in Brooklyn, has diligently worked to help young men who have been incarcerated get O.S.H.A certifications and job readiness assistance. She is also involved in organizations like Operation Power and the ENY/Brownsville task force.  Their dedication to community is a testament to what their father always taught – become a model citizen.  

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In July 2011, Williams Avenue between Livonia and Riverdale was co-named in his honor – Richard Akbar Salahuddin Drive.  Now and forever his name will stand among the people he fought so hard to represent.


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