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5 Tips on how to shop at The Aqua Duck Flea Market

By Karen Angustia
In Businesses
Apr 30th, 2014

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The Aqua Duck Flea Market has everything you need for the new season. Many of your favorite vendors are all in one unique giant marketplace with a host of new products and deals. The Aqua Duck Flea Market has everything you need! Handbags, scarfs, jewelry, hand-made goods, accessories, home goods and so on.

Shopping there is a great way to save money and  support the community. The Aqua Duck Flea Market is located at 700 Fountain Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11208

Open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday


aquaduck1 When you first walk in it might seem over whelming with so many vendors. You might not even know where to begin looking. Here are some great tips on how to shop your way around this enormous flea market.

1.Get there early. If you’re determined to find specific items or really good pieces at great prices, try to get there 30 minutes before they open.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers are essential. If you arrive early and spot something you really want, be prepared to go for it. People literally run when they spot a great buy. Also its a big place, so you want your feet to endure the walk.

3. Bring cash. Even in the age of mobile credit card machines, cash is still the standard at flea markets. Cash forces you to make choices, noting that if you go in knowing how much you want to spend, cash will keep you focused on that number.

4. Stay focused. Have your list of the five to ten things you are looking for and really stay focused on those items, otherwise you can get off course.

5. Bargain gracefully. Think about how much an item is worth and how much you are willing to pay. You shouldn’t offer half the asking price. You might  insult the vendor and you wont get very far. Instead, make an offer of two-thirds or three-quarters of the full price, and nicely say,”can you give me a better price”. Remember  if you buy several items, vendors are much more likely to offer a better bargain.

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